Simple Investment is a company that provides high quality financial and excellent customer service. We operate globally, and thanks to innovative ways and technological advancements, we cooperate with companies and customers from all around the world.

Simple Investment strives for perfection. We continuously improve our services to satisfy our customers.

Advanced technology, high efficiency, and professionalism are the key factors for our company. We aim for constant development and to enhance the services that we offer. We know how to use the potential of our employees and customers to the fullest to reach the best results, for our mutual satisfaction and financial success.


It is our mission, as a financial services company, to provide our customers with the professional guidance. Using the most advanced technology in informative and internet fields, our company can set long-term plans.

We are specialized in customer service, we embrace many ways of contact with our customers. It is of outmost importance for us to provide constant up to date services, so our company can stand up to the challenges of the modern digital era as an efficient and modern communication center.


At Simple Investment, an ideal candidate is expected to have: advanced knowledge of foreign language (knowledge of more than one language will be most welcomed) and commitment to work.

All other skills will be taught by our senior staff members, training includes: customer service, financial expertise, and raising the qualifications of our employees. We provide the tools and necessary knowledge for the tasks ahead. Dynamic development, innovative thinking, and attitude for achieving goals are of our strong points.

Working in Simple Investment grants huge opportunities for advancement, stable employment, and a chance for quick growth with a clear path to promotion. You like talking with people, you are an ambitious, communicative and  creative person ?

Simple Investment waits for you!

Do not wait and send your CV to:

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tel. (+48) 918288101